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Send dynamic buttons messages via API

In this tutorial you will learn how to send dynamic button messages to phone numbers using the API.

Update: Native button messages are no longer working after the latest WhatsApp on 10th May 2023. Unfortunately, this is a limitation imposed by WhatsApp that affects all providers and there is no short-term solution expected. From the API perspective, nothing changes, you can continue sending messages as buttons the same way you did before, but messages will be converted into a raw text equivalent messages in order to guarantee their delivery to recipient users. Find more information here.

Introducing dynamic reply buttons message

We are excited to announce that dynamic quick reply button message is now fully supported in the platform for all WhatsApp numbers connected to the platform, no matter if you use WhatsApp Personal or Business.

By using this feature, you can send up to 10 reply buttons per message, which can be text, and URL to be externally opened in the user's device, or a phone number that will ask the user to call it. If you need more than 10 options, consider using a list message instead.

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